From the iPad of K. Garrod

The following is a break from my regularly scheduled programming. It’s a test. To see if I can blog from my iPad. Which apparently is true … Bexcept for the fact that I can’t see what I’m typing right now …

I mean, the cursor is moving. And the auto-correct appears occasionally — like for that word, which I consistently misspell, despite my degree in English.

Well, this should be interesting. At least to me. Hello? Anyone?


Hope to figure out how to fix this for future posts. It’s funny today, but it won’t always funny I don’t think. So much for that cool editing tool. THIS is scary.

Until next time …. When I return you to your regular programming.
Take care!


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3 responses to “From the iPad of K. Garrod

  • Mary Lynn

    You’ll have to let me know what you think of the move! I’m still on blogspot and so many things annoy me (mainly the photo uploading). Is this any better?

    BTW – coming from a fellow English major, I too hate the word occasionally. It ALWAYS makes me stop and think…spell it out in my head…then resort to Gah! Same with vacuum. I hate those two words…

  • Mary Lynn

    PS: I know there’s punctuation needed for “I too hate the word occasionally” but with a crying child and a little one wanting to MAKE A FORT!!!! I decided to just type it out and let it go. I know you understand… 🙂

    • kgarrod

      I absolutely understand! And I’m so glad I’m not the only one who struggles w/ occasionally, and vacuum! About 2/3 of my new post was written w/ Maddy strapped into the carrier so I could shush her to sleep as I typed with one hand, standing in front of the computer. I really like wordpress. There are many options, but all of it self-explanatory and fairly simple; plus they walk you through the initial set-up very thoroughly. I did it all during one long nap. 😉

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