I take it all back!

Last week, many of you followed (and commented on! Thank you!) my journey of knowing when to say “when” — while in my 20s that would have referred to closing my tab; now it refers to deciding when to go with the “Big V” (as one friend so elegantly put it).

While we/I am no closer to a decision on that front (I can see your surprised faces from here) this week has been a good reminder of why two, just might be perfect.

Enter Exhibit A: the toddler who falls asleep quite contentedly in her own bed, but then somewhere between the hours of midnight and 3 a.m. makes her way to our bed so she can practice her kickboxing moves on my ribcage and/or face. At least she manages to be polite, even in her sleep. A couple of nights ago, she was calling out, “No, thanks!”

Exhibit B: the teething 1 yr old who has gained much confidence, enough to climb on anything, and thus has managed to fall off of a chair AND a bed within 24 very brave hours.

Exhibit C: the grumpy mother, whose patience runs out after the 4th time of asking her toddler to please (insert ANY simple request here). I swore I would never be that parent. Today, when I wasn’t up against the clock so much, I put my foot down, firmly (with a little inspiration from the French, but that’s a future post). And we were only a half hour late to our playdate. Down the street. My street is very short. Literally a 30 second walk from our house. 30 MINUTES late.

Exhibit D: the husband asleep on the couch tonight, after getting up early to run into work, then working a full day, then running home from work, then participating in a conference call for school for an hour while his family eats dinner in the other room, then scarfing down his soup with just enough time to rush the kids upstairs for baths/bed. (Thank you!)

Some weeks go by in a blink, nothing too unusual or crazy. And some weeks just feel like so. much. work. This week has been the latter.

I take it all back, folks. I’m going to need some more rest before finding the strength to make such a big decision. G’night. I’ll be thinking of you at kickboxing, here in a few.

PS — To my new subscribers, I hate to try not to whine, so please forgive me if this post reeked of it. Next one will be better, I promise.


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4 responses to “I take it all back!

  • Katie

    If you need more reasons of why you should be happy with two, just call! And from personal experience, don’t let her in the bed – take her back to her bed. Stop it now while you can. Your body is begging you! And, if you don’t, soon it will be two kicking you.

    • Kara G

      Yeah, I’ve read the books and to be honest, before kids, never pictured us having a “family bed”. Other than getting a full night sleep for me, I wonder what the real harm is? At this age, anyway?

      • hildi

        I miss my midnight bed buddy. We definitely let TheBoy crawl into our bed fairly frequently for a while. Eventually we gave him a time limit (because he slept in our bed more than his). We let him in for a few mins then took him back to his room (I’d climb in bed with him for a few more mins). Once a month or so, we would have all night snuggle in mom and dad’s bed. Eventually he didn’t need that any more. He sleeps just fine on his own and he has for years now. (and this is the child who didn’t really sleep in his crib until after he was 6? months old…) You and husband definitely need your sleep, but letting her stay isn’t gonna hurt a bit in the long run. It will just be a little crowded 😉

  • Michelle Caldwell

    Only 30 min late?! I’m guessing the girls were just practicing their ‘fashionably late’ entrance 😉

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