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Diapers, Be Gone!


Watch out ladies … I’m about to rejoin the ranks of those women who are free to carry a purse again! No more cumbersome diaper bags permanently attached to my shoulder or slung over my back; instead something sassy, something fun, something … small?

Little M– has completely embraced all aspects of potty training, or as we refer to it, staying clean and dry. Friday night, we told her she was wearing the last diaper she would ever wear, that we were throwing them all away (aka putting them in a bag for her younger buddy’s parents) the next morning. The next morning came about an hour and a half earlier than it normally does, and when I asked her if she wanted a clean diaper to go back to sleep, my sweet 25-month-old put her little foot down, refusing the diaper while running to pick out panties instead.

M– is about three months older than A– was when she was potty trained. Big sis had been ready for awhile, and I was excited to be able to stock up on newborn diapers instead. A– had been going potty every night before bath time since she was 12 months old. No lie. So we knew she was ready. It was July of 2010 — a great time to throw a toddler in panties.

On the other hand, M–, who had just as much access to the little potty, was completely uninterested in it. Wouldn’t even throw a glance its way, much less sit on it. I waited for her cues. Then, for her birthday she received a sticker chart from her godparents. She immediately started telling me whenever she had to go. Within two days the entire sticker chart was filled out. But … we were just hitting the holidays full swing! So we put off the big “potty training” weekend. Fortunately, we didn’t have to wait long.

All day Saturday, she stayed clean and dry. Once she realized she would get a “special treat” after putting her business in its proper place, she was a champ about running to the bathroom whenever we asked if she was still “clean and dry.”

Saturday night? No problem. I woke her sometime around midnight when I went to bed. She was a bit cranky, but after she did her business, she fell back asleep easily. I laughed to myself about how much I stressed about that part of potty training with our eldest.

Sunday: two small accidents, when she was busy playing. One didn’t even warrant any cleaning, other than changing her clothes and wiping her down.

Monday: clean and dry all day.

Tuesday? Out of the house running to big sis’s dance class and preschool; so far, so good.

We are really proud of our big girl. And yes, I’m mourning (a little) the end of an era. But I’m excited about saving money on diapers each month. For her, I love seeing that bright smile spread across her face each time she’s earned that “special treat.”

Perhaps mama can celebrate by finding a “special treat” of my own. Something small, stunning and on sale.

Cheers to milestones, and happy new year!